Great Day Sailing and Racing!
Located right at the beginning of Eastchester Bay at the southern tip of City Island, the Morris Yacht and Beach Club features some of the best sailing on the northeast coast! There are plenty of places one could go for a day sail, exploring several bays and harbors all within a short distance.

Morris Yacht and Beach Club is delighted to support College Sailing by hosting the Fordham University Sailing Team, which maintains an active presence during the fall and spring College Sailing seasons. After our clubhouse was destroyed by fire, the Fordham student-athletes initiated a campaign to solicit burgees from yacht clubs and sailing associations all over the world. 208 burgees were collected and donated to the club. Many are currently on display in the bar/restaurant and dayroom downstairs. Morris is grateful to the student-athletes on the Fordham University Sailing Team for their generous support in helping to beautify our new clubhouse.

The Morris is also a proud member of the Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association (EBYRA), which is known to offer some of the most competitive and most participated racing on Western Long Island Sound. Their main event, the Wednesday Night Race Series, attracts over 50 boats of a variety of sizes and a variety of racing levels between May and September. Additionally, EBYRA offers two weekend events, the City Island Cup and the Day Race.

Just recently, some well-known area racing boats have joined the ranks of our membership including Toby Moor's S2 9.1 "Indecent Proposal", Edd Schillay's C&C 37/40+ "Starship Enterprise", and Lawrence Swack's"Prevail".

Come join the winning team!



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